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Smart Packaging

Our fully integrated and connected packaging solution allows to turn your product into a digital platform for product authentication and consumer engagement

How does HumidifGroup Smart Packaging work?

Our solution connecting technologies NFC tags or QR codes, our HG Tag software platform, and more than 30 years of experience developing packaging and cigar accessories.

Embedded Products & Packaging

We enable your packaging during production or your existing product, with connecting technology, using NFC tags or QR codes, and prompt your customer to activate digital experiences interacting with the product.

Digital Experiences

Use HGTag Studio in our platform to assign the authentication and build and execute dynamic web experiences tailored to enhance your product offering, enabling you to engage your consumers across devices.

Full Control

Use our HGTag platform to measure customer engagement before and after purchases.
By using real-time analytics, you can track pre and post-sales activities and assign content based on product, location, time, device, and more.

Designing Your Customer Experience

Secure and equip your products for authentication and engagement with our smart packaging solutions.

Design your packaging with us, or bring your own

Bring your own design or we can start from scratch. Our team can create a box for your cigar that will not only stand out on cigar shop shelves and online, but also connect with your customers!

Desgin your customer experience

Allow your consumers to confirm their package has not been opened while en route to their location.

Product Authentication

Secured Packaging allows your consumers to confirm product authentication and that their package has not been opened while en route to their location.

data security

Product Authentication and
Tamper Detection for your brand

We can enable your packaging with our encoded and secured NFC tags for product authentication. Include in your on-going experience our product authentication feature, and use this for:

Reassure consumers an item is authentic with HGTag patented and most secure NFC product authentication system.
Increase margins by preventing counterfeit or tampered returns.
Support your supply chain and detect gray market activity.
Still confidence in the product, regardless of where the purchase is made.
Ensure consumer safety using tamper detections.
Don’t let counterfeits damage sales and your reputation

Dynamic Experience to Compelling Engagement for
Your Consumers.

We provide the opportunity to engage your consumers across their mobile devices. Use this content channel for:

No App Needed!

Works most mobile phones build in NFC technology and native web browser for a quick connection.

Product Ratings

Allow your clients to rate your products or add your ratings to your digital experience.

Tap to Reorder

Allow consumers to easily scan and tap to reorder your products.

Pairing & Smoking

Offer consumers pairing options for your products and show nearest smoking locations.

Interactive Content

Control all the HG Smart Packaging features via HG Studio, our custom back office, right from your browser. We also support videos, augmented reality and YouTube Lists.

Product Authentication

Allow your consumers to confirm and validate your products as authentic and untampered, through our NFC a codified custom link system.

Powerful tools for your brand & sales.

Stay in control and create a digital experience for your consumers by analyzing and tracking product + consumer engagement.

HG Tag Platform

Manage your connected products through your custom back office.

HG Tags

Use our smart tags to empower your products with connected technologies and prompt your customers an interact with them.


Empower your products and shops with connecting technologies and use HGTag Platform to get the most out of them.

Happy Clients

Packaging is an important part of the Ferio Tego experience. Smart packaging technology allows collectors to receive real-time information and communication about Ferio Tego and our products.

- Michael Herklots

Ferio Tego Cigar Co.

Humidif Group create some amazing accessories and a package that allowed me to connect with my customers. This quality and connection was important for me as I know smoke a cigar is an experience.

- Leonor Abzaradel

CEO, Cigar Blondie

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