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Marcas Globales Humidor (20th-anniversary commemorative Festival del Habano)



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Humidor created to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Festival del Habano, with a contemporary and elegant approach, created entirely by artisan’s with fine materials in our Barcelona atelier.

The production of this humidor required a team of master artisans in woodwork, alchemy, and jewelry. The humidor’s unique design is distinguished by the double XX that is formed by the frontal edges, as well as the triangular shape symbolizing the pyramid that is representative of the global brands of Habanos S.A. These figurations reveal the true inspiration of this piece; an homage to the XX anniversary of the Festival del Habano and the global brands of Habanos S.A.

A natural Wenge wood was chosen for the exterior finish to go along with the metallic inlay created with quality Pt999 pure platinum powder, using a dissipation and a micro draft technique and finished with a high shine varnish layer. The interior is constructed with cedar wood offering pure wood trays for each one of the six brands and slots in the shape of the cigars.
All the fittings were custom designed and fabricated for this piece and plated in 24k white gold while the key was encrusted with pearl. Without a doubt, the use of these precious materials bestows a great value of distinction and exclusiveness to this humidor.

This project allowed us to create a unique piece on par with the 120 Habano jewels found in its interior.

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