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Cohiba Car Edition


Imperial Tobacco

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The Cohiba Car Edition has a unique design both for its modern finish, featuring the brand’s colors, as well as its ergonomics which allows adaptability to all types of vehicles. The Cohiba Car Humidor doesn’t require installation, avoiding any additional cost or technical difficulties, as well as allowing easy refilling access before any trip. The humidor counts on a shockproof feature implemented by rubber sides that increase its resistance.
To round off the humidors modern and practical design, we developed a removable cigar tray that allows perfect preservation of cigars inside the humidor. Guaranteeing the safe travel of cigars wherever you go.

To get an idea of the uniqueness of the new Cohiba humidor, we should spotlight that for its development we counted on a close collaboration with Ferrari. The Italian brand served as an inspiration as can be seen on the hygrometer which simulates the rev counter in the famous sports cars. Two of these vehicles, the F430, and the 599 GTB, served to test the resistance and solidity of the Cohiba humidor.

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