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Our fully integrated and connected packaging solution allows you to turn your products into a digital platform to directly engage customers.

Customized Packaging & Accessories for Your Premium Brand

Our solution combines NFC QR tags, our HGTag software platform, and more than 30 years of experience developing packaging and cigar accessories.

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Our fully integrated and connected packaging solution allows you to optimize logistics and turn your products into a platform that engages consumers directly.



Bring your own design, or we can start from scratch. Our team can create a box for your cigar that will not only stand out on cigar shop shelves and online, but also connect with your customers!



Whether it’s a new smoker that wants to test your brand out, or a customer looking for something fast on the go, cigar sample bags are taking over the industry and store shelves. Let our team design a bag that will keep your cigars fresh, make them stand out in the marketplace, and allow you to connect with your customers.

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You can never have too many lighters, cutters, or cases to take carry and enjoy your cigars. Our team can design promotional materials and/or high-quality accessories to promote your brand and enhance the smoking experience.


Cigar Accessories

We design and produce state-of-the-art cigar accessories including cigar cutters, humidors, ashtrays, and other relevant items.

Humidif Accessories


We design stainless steel to classic style, table top cigar cutters that cut every cigar with perfection.

Humidif Accessories


Characterized by elegance and high performance, these lighters not only look great, but also last longer.



Designed according to the needs of a smoker, they also have a sleek, stylish appearance.

Humidif Accessories

The HumidifGroup 360° Experience

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Happy Clients

Packaging is an important part of the Ferio Tego experience. Smart packaging technology allows collectors to receive real-time information and communication about Ferio Tego and our products.

- Michael Herklots

Ferio Tego Cigar Co.

HumidifGroup create some amazing accessories and a package that allowed me to connect with my customers. This quality and connection was important for me as I know smoking a cigar is an experience.

- Leonor Abzaradel

CEO, Cigar Blondie

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