Ferio Tego

Project Overview

Ferio Tego is a new tobacco brand, and the customer was very interested in doing something impressive for its launch. For this reason, they decided to use Smart Packaging, incorporating hidden NFC technology into the very exclusive cigar box, also designed and manufactured by HumidifGroup, turning the product into a digital platform.

By scanning the box with a mobile device, the end customer can authenticate the product and access the dynamic website with relevant information such as a description of the tobacco, tasting notes, and media ratings. End consumers can also access the brand’s social networks.

NFC Tags Provide a Clean Solution

To transform the product into a digital experience, we added a hidden NFC tag under the felt base of the Ferio Tego box. A CTA logo and a “How to” scan card inside the box instruct consumers to tap with their phone to launch the digital experience.

Connecting to the Experience 

Michael Herklots, Principle of Ferio Tego Cigars said:

“Smart Packaging by HumidifGroup allows us to control our messaging and ensure that we are communicating clearly to our audience. Packaging is an important part of the Ferio Tego experience. Smart packaging technology allows collectors to receive real-time information and communication about Ferio Tego and our products. Our retail partners work tirelessly to run their businesses, a challenge made only greater these last 18 months. Smart packaging allows us to assist them, keeping the most helpful details and stories of Ferio Tego right on the product itself, delivered straight to a smart phone.”


Product Authentication

Age Verification

Interactive Content

Product Description & Tasting Notes


Social Media Integration

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