Cigar Blondie

What makes this project unique?

The CB Flat Flame Lighter comes with its perfect companion, a CB Premium Cutter, that is guaranteed to deliver a precise cut. As a cigar aficionado, you will feel the luxury of these accessories in your hands. These lighters are designed to be solid and wind resistant. For the perfect everyday smoking accessory for the cigar enthusiast in you, Cigar Blondie accessories are available in three modern designs.

What was the client’s vision when they came to us?

Leonor “Cigar Blondie” Abzaradel has been an influencer in the cigar industry for many years. She could be found alongside many cigar smokers as the manager of Casa de Montecristo in New York and Florida. In addition, she moved to become the CEO of Platinum Nova Cigars. While leading these endeavors, she still wanted an opportunity to connect with her audience and the industry. And, she knew that a great accessory that would be used every day would be the best way to do that.

How did this product have an impact on the market?

As an influencer, Cigar Blondie was not only able to provide her audience with an amazing product, but she was also able to increase her connection and following with her audience through her smart packaging. The release of these high-quality accessories and the smart packaging led to media coverage in the industry around the world.


Cigar Blondie

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